Vital Therapy Vital Therapy
All Natural Copper Cream
Copper is essential for joint health and Vital Therapy pain relieving cream with Copper may bring instant, long lasting relief. Copper helps increase powerful anti-inflammatory activity of the most potent anit-oxidant enzyme in your system, superoxidedismutase (SOD). SOD effectively neutralizes free radicals that cause tissue damage. Increasing SOD activity diminishes pain associated with inflamed connective tissue, ligaments and tendons. Copper also fuels the lysyloxidase enzyme (LO) which playa a fundamental role in bone and joint healing. In fact, the strength and integrity of all connective tissue, ligament and tendons are dependent on LO. Vital Therapy
Normal Joint: Cartilage is supple and elastic, protecting bones. Copper - Deficient Joint: Cartilage is brittle and eaten away.

Vital Therapy's unique copper delivery system immerses your joints in the amount of copper necessary to stimulate maximum SOD and LO activity. SOD stops you pain and LO start the healing. Vital Therapy goes directly to the source of the pain. It is non-greasy and does not generate unbearable heat like other joint creams.

Includes: 2.5 oz. Tube Of Vital Therapy
Vital Therapy
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Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D.
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