Angel Eye Smoke Alarm

Angel Eye Smoke Alarm AsSeenOnTV.comIf you can screw in a light bulb, you can protect your family with Angel Eye the award-winning smoke alarm!Fire Protection experts recommend at least one smoke detector on every floor and one outside each sleeping area.This Angel Eye Smoke Detector makes protecting your family easy.Just screw it into a light socket or track light fixture and flip a switch! The internal rechargeable battery charges in two hours and powers the unit when the light is off.And you can test and reset it by simply flipping the light switch!

Angel Eye Smoke Alarm Angel Eye Smoke Alarm Angel Eye Smoke Alarm
Screw in Angel Eye Smoke Alarm.
Screw in light bulb.
Flip Switch:
  • On to Charge Batteries
  • On and Off to Test
  • On and Off to Silence
  • Feel Safe and Secure

    Why is the Angel Eye so popular with homeowners? Because it’s so flippin’ easy…

    Angel Eye Smoke Alarm AsSeenOnTV.comFeatures:
    • Screws into an existing light fixture
    • Effective 10-year life provides peace-of-mind
    • No batteries required… EVER
    • Recharges whenever light is on
    • EZ-flip™ light switch RESET and TEST lets you silence nuisance alarms and test the alarm by flipping the light switch.

    • Angel Eye Smoke Alarm
    • User Manual

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