My Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Valleymede and Hwy 7
420 Hwy 7 E
Richmond Hill, ON.
(905) 763-1388

I and my friends stopped by at this restaurant on a Saturday. The place was not really crowded that day and we ordered:

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
Green Dragon Rolls
California Rolls
Crab Rolls
Chicken Teriyaki
Beef Ribs
Miso soup
Japanese fried rice
Fried Mixed Vegetables

After 15 minutes, they served us some California and Green Dragon Rolls that we ordered. Now the disappointing part is that we have been sitting there for more than one and a half hour and still waiting for the rest of the food. By the time they put the rest of the food on the table I already lost my appetite. It is because of the sushi we had while waiting for the rest of the food then by the time they served them, after more than an hour, my stomach has already digested the rice and does not feel like eating more. In a situation like this, you will surely lose appetite and lose all the fun in eating.

Normally, the food we ordered does not take an hour and a half to prepare. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura can be prepared in three minutes. Perhaps the restaurant does not have enough crew to work on Saturday but that is not an excuse. In the beginning, It may not seem a slow service as they serve some of the food you ordered after 15 minutes but after that they make you wait till you drop dead before they serve the rest of your order. Waiting is not fun.

It should be an enjoyable eating experience. And this is what we did not experience in our visit to My Sushi Japanese Restaurant. You will see me visiting this restaurant again when pigs fly. I won’t recommend this restaurant to anyone.