Times are definitely difficult nowadays but some people still find the urge to bring thousands of people way down for an easy buck. Fairbanks capital, a Mortgage Loan Servicing Company based in Salt lake City Utah is not only known for its business of purchasing mortgages, it is also known for slashing hidden charges on its already ailing customers therefore, pushing them to the inevitable foreclosure.

According to its customers, Fairbanks capital plays the game of twisting its system's database and process application to generate fees even if accounts are current and never in collections. If payments are lost allegedly, Fairbanks points its finger to the mailing system or computer system issues. The classic solicitation letters are also used to lure its customers to the bottomless pit.

Fairbanks Capital is owned by the PMI group, the same group that supports Habitat for Humanity, a housing program that benefits the poor and marginalized. This irony is indeed an example of the 'Devil's Advocate".

The business of foreclosure generates millions of dollars annually. The now homeless victims of this company have a huge battle ahead.