CERTS Inc. has offered me a Promotional Gift for vacation getaway for 3 days and 2 nights after I purchased a time share with them. They asked me to deposit a hundred dollar ($100) to avail the said promo. I did pay because I thought they were for real.

Now I have been waiting for more than 3 months. I followed all the terms and conditions to make sure I don't disqualify for the promo.

But guess what? Until now I still haven't heard from them.

I could not get a hold of them anymore. Everytime I call their supposed to be customer service hotline, nobody answers. Just an answering machine and a music that will never end until you get fed up and just hang the phone.

I also tried to email them, but to my surprise, the email they gave me doesn't exist.

So, to anyone out there beware of this company. Don't let your hard earned money goes into their pocket easily.