Atlific Hotels is a Management Company whose payroll department is centralized for many of the hotels they manage. The payroll department is in charge of deducting Court Ordered Child Maintenace Payments from employees of the company who have refused to pay them voluntarily. Atlific Hotels DOES NOT routinely make or submitt these deductions to the Child Maintenance Agencies despite the Court Order and procedures mandated by the government under the Child Enforcement Act. As a result the child recipient of these payments often suffers undue hardship. I wonder how Robert Chartrand, Robert Leopky or Phillippe Gadbois would feel if they were not paid for 3 months and were not able to provide for their families.
This company mentions 'family" as one of their core values yet their actions speak of another priorty.
I suggest the following to Atlific Hotels:
Review their payroll practices and ensure child maintenance payments are a priority and are made in accordnace with the law.
The Child Maintenance Act calls for deductions to be submitted to maintenance enforcement agencies within 5 days of when the deduction was made and this is not happening within Atlific Hotels payroll system. Sometimes 2 or more months pass before payments are submitted.
Keep in mind that if deductions need to be made at the payroll level that the employees has refused to pay them voluntarily and perhaps councilling is needed.