My wife and I were not greeted when we first came in. We had to stand there for at least 3 minutes before we were finally greeted and seated. The restaurant was not busy at all. When we left to pay for our bill, we had to wait because the waitress was busy, and the other girl at the front desk said we had to wait for that waitress. We waited, and when the waitress that served us finally came over, the girl behind the desk finally went to put the charge through. The charge ($47.19) was attempted on my credit card, but then was declined. I was like what? There is money on the credit card, so I called the credit card, and the rep told me that they were trying to put $61.34 on my credit card. I went back to the girl and said to her you are putting through $61.34 on my credit card, and she flat out denied it. So I said try to put it through again at the right amount of $47.19. The charge was denied again, and my wife tried again on hers, and it was also denied. So I called my credit card again, and asked them again to tell me what the charge was again, and they again told me $61.34 both times, and so I asked my credit card company on the phone again. This is now 3 times. I then went back to the girl, and told her that she charging $61.34 again, and again she denied it, and I started yelling at her. She went and got her boss as I talked to my credit card company. Then, the boss came out, and I asked him why they were charging my credit card that much ($61.34). He said, "oh this is how our bank charges as a pre -auth for a certain amount," and I said, "no you can't do that." I then told him put the right amount ($47.19) split between my credit card and my bank card, and he said, "I could try." I started getting angrier and he said "listen to me for one moment so that I can explain." I said, "I am tired of your excuses and this is the last time I will ever come here again, and I will be making a complaint to your head office." I was so frustrated that I turned back to the credit card company rep, and she told me what they were telling me is false, and that they are not allowed to do that as it is illegal to put a pre-auth on my credit card above the amount posted on the bill. I then yelled at the manager, and told him, "you are not allowed to do what you are doing, and what do you plan to do, hold me here all night?" He told me to get out, and never come back as I started talking to my credit card company again. My credit card company also told me what the restaurant is doing is illegal. My credit card company knows what they were doing is wrong and cheating the customer. A formal complaint has been sent to the credit card company and other complaint companies.