My story is really long to just post it here so I am going to copy the email I sent to them but the reason for my post is to warn any one who is thinking of doing any business with BMW in Ajax also known as Endras BMW is to be warrned and not to do any business with them. They only want to sell you a car and after if you have any issues they will not help. They lied to me and sold me a car with a bent Rim and now they do not want to fix it instead they want to charge me $550 dollars to fix it. If you are thinking of buying a car from them please read my email below and please do not waste your money.

This is the copy of the email I sent to them and did not hear anything back.

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My wife and I purchased a BMW 323i this summer from your dealership, The first time when we came and spoke with a sales person he was very helpful and friendly. We decided to go with him and chose a vehicle that he told us has just arrived and needs certification and other testing but we can have it in a week. I asked him if I needed to leave him with a deposit and he advised me that No it was not necessary. Few days after I called him to ask if the car was ready and he told me that they are still working on it but he will let me know in few days. I waited 3 weeks, I decided to call him again to only find out the car we chose was sold by another sales person and there was not much he could do for us. I was very unhappy with this but he insisted that they have few more cars in the lot and we should come and choose something else (stupid me) I decided to go back and chose another car because at this point I was desperate for a car and this dealer ship is really close to my house.

Finally we pick a car even though it was not the color we wanted but we went with it anyways. When we arrived few days later to pick the car I noticed that it still had scratches and small dents on it, I asked the sales person what happened how come this was not fixed and I was told they couldn't get the dent specialist to come in and fix it so they made an appointment for me. A week late I took my car in to get my dents and scratches fixed and told the sales Rep that something is wrong with the front right side of the car it shakes and makes weird sound when I drive. We decided to go for a drive and he told me that No it was normal and the sound was coming from the tires since they are new but it should go away in few weeks. I took my car back and drove for about 2 month. The problem never went away so I called in again but I was told that the Sales Person is no longer with the dealership so I asked for the Manager of Used Vehicles who was also involved in this transaction and I was told he has been "let go" and he also no longer works for this dealership. Now at this point I started to get worried because the Manger was let go and the sales Rep no longer works there, In my eyes they must have done something wrong to loose their jobs.

I decide to make and appointment with service to bring the car to be looked at, I was given a loaner and they took my car in for few days to look after the issues. When I went back to pick up the car I was told that programming had to be done to resolve the rough driving and shaking of the steering wheel and they did few things to fix the problems, when I asked them if they were able to fix the problem I have been complaining about from day one? they told me that there is nothing wrong with it and its normal. I took my car back and right away noticed that the car was still not driving right. I decided to drive it little longer to see if the "programming" they have done will fix it or maybe I should change my gas stations ( which I was told to do) because of the quality of the ethanol in gas makes the car jerk and non sense like that. Nothing was fixed but I decided to wait for my next maintainance to bring it in. I called in I think end of October or maybe early November to make an appointment and I was told that they are solid booked for three weeks and they gave me November 23 as a date when I could bring my car in for service. I asked the lady who made my appointment that I need a loaner car since we only have one car at home and I need a car to travel to work and back, I was told no problem they will have a loaner ready for me.

I took time off from work to bring my car in for service and pick up a loaner, I advised the service advisor that the problem I have been complaining about since day one is still there and if they could look after it, he brought a Mechanic to go for a drive with me just so he can duplicate the problem and he agreed with me that something was not right and he would look into it. Now we are asked to go to "rental " area in the dealership to get the Rental. I asked why are we renting? we should have a loaner not a rental?? I was told since August rental company deals with loaner. When I spoke with the lady at the rental place she told us that it will be around $30 per day for insurance of the rental. First of all why do I have to pay for Insurance on a rental I asked for loaner not a rental?? of course I refused to pay for insurance and she wrote on her document that client refuse to buy insurance. She drove the rental close to where my car was parked got out of the car and said here you go and just walked in the dealership.

Rural #1 when giving a loaner or rental to a client you suppose to do a walk through with a client to make sure if there are any damages they are noted but she never did that so I never bothered with it any way because at this point I was really upset with the service I have received so Far.

Today my wife receives a call from the dealership and she was told my front right Rim is bent and it was probably because we must have hit a pot hole. No, I have been complaining about this issues from day one and no one ever did anything about it and now that I have had this car for few month I am being told its my fault.

All I am asking at this point is for the dealership to take responsibility for this and fix my problem, I do not think I should be paying for something I did not do. I have been complaining about this issue from day one since I bought the car and no one did anything about it and now I am being told that its my fault. Please reply to my email in writing and let me know if your dealership is going to rectify the issue. If you choose not to look after the matter my next step will be to email the copy our conversation to BMW Canada and post this email and your reply on internet just so everyone is aware of the non-sense and poor customer service your dealership is providing to their clients. I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,