I got a phone call from a certain CHANNING LAW FIRM stating that she owed them $355 for a 2001 debt plus legal fees for check fraud. I was so rattled by this disturbing phone call that i couldn't think straight. i was threatened by the "arresting officer" who demanded her location. when i asked what case number it was and the contact information od channing law firm so she can verify this, the man (who identified himself as an officer from their local county) gave a number that never seems to be working.

in her dismay, she gave her credit card information and only authorized to debit a certain amount.

After calming herself down she called her county to verify her case only to find out that there is NO WARRANT FOR HER ARREST. She quickly called her bank to stop the man from withdrawing her money but it was too late.

channing law firm are crooks. we are preparing to take legal action.