I just want to rant about this crooked POS named payton (although that's not her name) who loves to rip customers off by accusing you of being an undercover cop, steals your money and threatens to have her gangs beat you up.

I went to her crumby apartment today to get a massage. At least that's what she advertised on CL.
Then I called again to specifically ask were her apartment is located.
She said that her apartment address is 1993 Ala Wai Blvd. Later, I found out her room # is 303. Boy is her apartment a mess! LOL! Smelled like sh-t and beer mixed together!

I also met her, and I could tell right off the back and she was a typical fake ass californian with her attitude and fake smile. I peed in her toilet as I had to pee.

Then I took off my shirt and laid on her bed. I asked her what kind of service she offered. Then she got mad and accused me of being a cop, and told me to get the f--k out of her apartment. This is after I gave her money for the service. She refused to give me back my money. What a bitch! I hope God gives this slut hell in the near future!

I told her that she gave me no service, and her stupid response was that she "spent time for me" and then ran off to another room, and shouted that she will call her "boyz" to remove me from her apartment unit. I was not intimidated, so I told her to hurry up and give me back my money. I then decided that it was a waste of my time to fight with a crackhead like this girl.

yes, her teeth are all stained, she speaks with a slurred voice as if she was under the influence of meth or pot. yeah, so I slammed her fugly apartment door shut and walked away.

Thinking of reporting her to the HI atty general's office for fraud and stealing local people's money.

Advice to this dumb bitch is to get her ass back to California, otherwise, some of my "boyz" will go to her apartment and teach her a good lesson.