Brandon Ireland
He is 17 years old
Lives around Bloor & Lansdowne, Toronto, ON.
Here is a face picture of the subject
As you see, he looks like a crackhead

I was hiring for flyer delivery so "Brandon Ireland" contacted me and when I asked Brandon how much money he is expecting to earn per flyer, he said he wants $3 a flyer, and later he said $2.

Then I sent him the following reply:

"no one in the world would pay $3 per flyer! That's crazy, ur saying you will receive $300 per hour? That's how much lawyers make."

Seriously! who the hell pays $3 or $2 per flyer?? that's insane, so if he delivers 1500 flyers in a day which almost any person is capable of doing that, this means I will pay $1500 ??

After I sent the above reply to Brandon, he replied back to me saying:

"i said $2 a flyer, and go fuck yourself! ^_^b"

This shows how professional he is!, he is very rude and I don't recommend you hiring him or dealing with him at all, its up to you if you want to take my advise or be sorry later on.

He is an immature child, he will rip you off, and open his nasty rude mouth to you.