This is what happened with A & W surplus Wayne Peckham thru Proxibid in Fresno CA.

They had an auction with photos. The description and photo give the
illusion that everything was in working condition as well as complete in their boxes. One item in particular, they showed a photo of a Bose Ipod dock speaker unit. What I received was a broken unit that had it speakers removed, cables broken, connection for ipod broken, side cracked and open and the grill came accessories or power cord or anything was included. In the photo, you can clearly see that the speakers were there, but that's not the unit they sent to me. The second item in the photo looked to be new in the box; it wasn't. It was missing accessories and instructions and power and was splattered with something. They only showed the photo of the box-not the contents. The third item was even worse. They showed a photo of only the box, but it's contents were hideous. There were dead insects, smelly, it came out of someone's yard, missing parts (major parts) , item doesn't work. None of the items work and they misrepresented all of them. I
have photos of the auction photos as well as photos of the items once delivered. They totally lied, with the photos and by omission. I contacted the company that same evening when I received the items by calling and leaving a voicemail message and by email. Yes, I am and was very upset. The response I got was rude and indignant and refusing to do the right thing. I've filed complaints with several online companies and they have since sent me a threatening email stating that I am lying and that I will be hearing from their attorney. They are the ones lying and they are just mad that I called them on it. There are others that have complaints very similar to this one on the internet. There were 2 forms of card and PayPal (they split it up so they would always get the PayPal payment) Most companies bill all in one payment.

I have all emails and photos to back this up.

All I want is my money back and an apology.